Help is Problematic

Opinions on “help” are as diverse as there are people. The term itself is political. Why? Because the word “help” comes with an intrinsic assumption that the helper acts out of charity.

help is problamatic

By definition then, this voluntary help is at odds with compulsory help (see taxation). The “have-nots” don’t welcome charity or pity—i.e. voluntary help. On the other hand, the “haves” abhor others meddling with their income—i.e. compulsory taxation—and vouch for the freedom to be great philanthropists out of their own volition.

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Help is Problematic

Help separates rather than unites. Roles become distinct. Power transfer is one way: charity, pity.

On the other hand, “serving” is about taking back as much as we give. Offerings are surrendered with respect towards what is seen as the only way for personal development. Serving then, is an exchange. You serve others so as to help yourself.