About Me


I’m Max Zografos: Author, teacher, and creator of simple things.

With fifteen years of experience in the IT industry, I’ve written three books, two of them published and one adapted to screenplay. I author a popular blog and contribute to online magazines like Elephant Journal. I’ve given several talks on digital creativity at the Google Campus.

Here is what’s important to me:

Writing – It’s a meditation—an inspiration muscle that needs to be practiced with daily discipline.

Yoga – It has changed me in so many ways, physically and beyond. In 2012 I certified as a Jivamukti Yoga instructor.

Ethical diet – My belief is that human salvation is directly linked to what each of us puts on our plate. I try to do what’s right but don’t take myself too seriously.

Truth and honesty – I worship it. The truest part of our self is what mystics experience in deep meditation: the unchanging, timeless Self. In that respect I subscribe to Gandhi’s saying: “Truth is God”. I strive to be as open and honest as I can in my work and writing.

Simplicity – My footprint is directly proportional to how open I stay to new ideas. For every item that comes into my life, I try to let go of two. Over the last couple of years my possessions have dwindled, and so have my worries.

Service – My passion is in finding ways to serve others. It gives purpose and meaning to my life. It feeds me. If I can serve you or your team in any way, just send me a line.

“Aside from being a tech genius, Max possesses a writer’s discipline, intense focus, intellect and creativity and a designer’s refined aesthetic sensibility.”

“Max exemplified collaboration, creativity and building business solutions. He is thorough when necessary, a skilled project / program manager, adept at understanding new concepts and delivering results.”

~ STEPHANIE OWEN, director, Yahoo!

“Max is a real business partner.”

~ TSUR AVNIT, CEO, Calanit Carmon

“As a sales person I wanted to share my methodology with the rest of the world. Max was there with constructive support and actionable ideas on how to put that together and increase the visibility of my message.”

~ VANGELIS SAKELIOU, business development, SuperDerivatives

“Max was instrumental in helping me build a website for my yoga classes. After completion he was always on call for advice and updates. I would definitely recommend his coaching for anyone starting a business.”

~ GABRIELLE HALES, yoga instructor, Saananda Yoga

“His writing has been an excellent addition to my life, not just for the number of new thoughts that now spin in my brain, but for the force that’s given to my own writing. Highly recommended.”

~ ANN HALSIG, freelance writer, Present Pathway

“I find Max’s writing incisive, witty and informative. There are few blogs out there that capture your attention, and his is definitely one of them.”